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The organization of Iron County dates from an act of legislature approved February 17, 1857. It was created from parts of St. Francois, Madison, Washington, Dent, Reynolds and Wayne Counties. It owes its peculiar shape to the fact that it was made of parts of so many counties. This was necessary in order to avoid reducing any county below its constitutional limits.

The first County Court was composed of J.V. Logan, John W. Miller and Moses Edmonds. John F.T. Edwards was the Clerk, and John Cole was the Sheriff.

Construction of the Courthouse in Ironton was completed in 1861 and the present Iron County Jail was constructed some six years later.

Although we are very proud of the rich history of Iron County and the important role the Office Of Sheriff has played in it, the Iron County Sheriff’s Office continues to move forward with the newest innovations in law enforcement technology.