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Welcome to the Iron County Missouri crime info located in beautiful Arcadia Valley Missouri. This office services the Iron County which is located approximately 86 miles south of St. Louis, MO. And encompasses the cities of Ironton, Arcadia, Pilot Knob, Annapolis, Belleview, Bixby, Des Arc, Glover, Hogan, Goodland, Middle Brook, Viburnum and Vulcan.


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Here you can find information regarding the Iron County Missouri crime info. policies, background checks and procedures, community involvement information, services provided, upcoming events, important contact information, links to various city, county, state and federal agencies, arrest and warrants lookup in Iron county MO. The Iron County Missouri crime info plays a key role in the safety and well being of the citizens of Iron County Missouri and takes great pride in this Endeavour.

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Iron County is actually a county centrally located in the Lead Belt region in the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2010 census.

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The public was 10,630. Probably The largest city and county seat is actually Ironton. Iron County was officially structured on February seventeen, 1857, and was named after the abundance of iron ore identified within its borders.


Iron County includes the 6 mile (9.7 km) long, 2 mile (3.2 km) wide Arcadia Valley, the web site of Pilot Knob, Ironton, and Arcadia, communities started by immigrants in the 19th Century.
The valley is actually surrounded by the Saint Francois Mountains of the Ozarks Plateau. Iron County is also house to dozens of mountains, like the 1,772 foot (540 m) Taum Sauk Mountain, probably the highest point in Missouri.

— John Simpson

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Resources related to Missouri State and Iron County

    1. Iron County Government Center: This is the official government website for Iron County. It provides information about various county offices including the County Commission, County Clerk & Elections, County Assessor, and more. It can be a helpful resource for residents or those looking to understand more about the county’s governance and services.

    2. Iron County Historical Society: The Iron County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving, protecting and sharing the rich history of Iron County, Missouri and its people. This site provides information about the society’s museum, publications, programs, and outreach. It also has a blog page with the latest news and information to assist in researching Iron County history and genealogy.

    3. Iron County Historical Society – History of Early Mining at Pilot Knob: This specific page on the Iron County Historical Society website details the early history of iron mining at Pilot Knob. It features presentations from experts like Dr. Russell Myers, who has done extensive research on early mining activities on Pilot Knob Mountain.

    4. Iron County Warrant Search: This page provides information on how to conduct a criminal records search in Missouri, particularly in Iron County. It covers the process of seeking information on arrest records and active warrants, and discusses the role of various state agencies in these procedures.

    5. Official Missouri State Website: This is the official website for the state of Missouri, containing a wide range of information for businesses, job seekers, individuals with disabilities, veterans, college students, teens, and more.

    6. Missouri Department of Natural Resources: This website offers information about environmental regulations, local information such as state park statuses, public notices, and ways to take action on environmental issues.

    7. Missouri State University: The official website of Missouri State University, offering information about academics, student life, career outcomes, and the application process. It highlights the university’s wide range of programs and commitment to diversity.

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    Historical sites and state parks

    The county is actually home to a selection of historical sites and state parks such as Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, Elephant Rocks State Park and Fort Davidson State Historic Site also as 96,047 acres (390 km2) of Mark Twain National Forest. more information from wikipedia

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